I immediately fell in love with TSATSAS bags when I first stumbled onto them on Pinterest. Their Fluke bag (first and third photos) is the bag I have dreamed about. With excellent local craftmanship and the option to get gold detailing, I know where I will be getting my next purse from!

TSATSAS means clarity and quality. With regard to design, the materials used, and the way they are treated. A particular approach to luxury is something immediately noticeable, something that can be felt straight away. These bags and accessories take time – to design, to manufacture and to develop.
All the models in the TSATSAS range are elegant and boast a cutting-edge, contemporary design. What they are not is modish in the sense of a passing fad. In the design process nothing is left to chance, the focus of the designs at all times being on achieving a perfect balance between function, aesthetics and execution.

TSATSAS bags and accessories are handcrafted in Germany with the greatest care and precision. All the designs lend scope to the beauty and purity of leather as a material. Cut, design and proportions come together to create the clarity and simplicity of the product in question. It is the way that attention is being paid to the fundamentals that forms the sophistication of the products.


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