Julia Ramsey's Pelt

From Julia Ramsey,
PELT is an experiment in material estrangement. Made from raw, un-spun sheep’s wool, the garments in this collection restore the dialogue between man and animal. These minimally processed fibers, knit in a flurry of knots and bobbles, become sweaters that do not disguise their material origins, do not obey the contours of the human body, do not give up their independence.

Each piece is a SECOND SKIN: a source of comfort, a temporary shelter, a reminder of an animal’s gift.

pelt (noun) skin, hide, fleece, coat, fur


  1. This is SO beautiful is pains me. That last one is STUNNING. Love this blog!


  2. she is amazing...I made a post about Julia Ramsey's knits too in the past... :-)

    love xxxx Ros.e.